Paying a Supplier Invoice in Instalments

Sometimes a large invoice cannot be paid all at once due to the amount and the owner not having enough funds to cover it.

An agreement can be made with the supplier to have the invoice paid in instalments. Once the agreement has been reached you can set up the invoice to be paid in instalments through Palace.

The Invoice is just set up once in the Supplier Diary

  • You set up the number of instalments
  • You set up the amounts to be paid
  • You schedule when it should be paid


Instructions - Setting up an Invoice to be paid in instalments

Example: New Fence $1200. The Owner has agreed to pay $500 for two months and then a final payment of $200.

  • Go to the Supplier, Click on edit and select Diary from the list
  • Click on Invoice (Left-hand side menu)
  • In the Description box - Type what the invoice is for and add the full amount of the invoice, incl the GST
  • Select the property from the property drop-down list
  • Set the priority - or leave as Medium
  • Enter the date that you want the first invoice to appear on (Due Date)
  • If you have already scanned in the Supplier Invoice, you can click on Choose File under Attach Invoice
  • Date: will default to today’s date as the date the diary entry was created
  • Enter the Invoice Number
  • Invoice Amount: In here you put the amount of the first payment, incl GST so you would enter $500
  • Check the maintenance fee and change it if required
  • Repetitive Period - set the frequency of the payments e.g monthly
  • Set Limited Payments to Yes
  • Enter the total number of payments i.e 3 (as per this example)
  • Enter the amount of the final payment i.e $200 (Palace will work out that the middle payment is $500)
  • If any of this is charged to the tenant, you can also set up the charge here
  • Click Save & Close

NOTE: This has now been set up in the Diary. It will show in your Dashboard under the Invoices tab when the date you set it up for arrives


Transactions: Supplier (Pending Invoice - Diary Entries/Description): When a user creates a pending invoice or a new invoice via the Supplier diary, the description of the diary entry will now include the property address to enable easier searching.


NOTE: In addition to this - the Find option available on each entry on the Supplier Invoice tab on the Dashboard, will now redirect the User to the Supplier Diary, with the relevant entry highlighted. (Users will need to check all diary pages to find the highlighted entry, if the entry is not on the first page).

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