Processing Invoices from the Dashboard

Instructions - Processing Invoices from the Dashboard

The reminder will show in your Dashboard, Under the Supplier Invoices Tab:

  • Find the Invoice and select it. If it is under chargeable it means the owner has enough money.
  • If it is under Insufficient Funds, then the owner does not have enough money to pay it.
  • If you want to edit it or check it first, then highlight and click on Edit or Find (right hand side of the line)
  • Edit: will take you directly into the Diary entry for the Invoice
    Find: Will take you into the Diary, where you can see the whole list of entries
  • Once you are ready, tick all the invoices you want to process
  • Then click on the Green arrow up the top of the screen.
  • This will take you to the transaction screen, all invoices will now show on the screen
  • Click on Process
  • Click Close

If this was a repetitive Invoice or an Invoice that you are paying off...

  • The money has now been moved from the Property to the Supplier and the reminder has now been moved to the next frequency so will pop up in Invoices next time it is due.
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