Setting Up Repetitive Supplier Invoices - Invoices that are the same each month

Sometimes you have a maintenance job that happens each month i.e Lawns. Rather than enter the invoice in each time you can set up a repetitive invoice.  Ideal for Council Rates as well

The repetitive invoice is just set up once in the Supplier Diary then...

  • It will show in your reminder area
  • You can edit the amount of the invoice
  • You process like an Inspection


Instructions - Setting up a Repetitive Invoice

  • Go to Suppliers - Current Suppliers and find the supplier you want to set the repetitive invoice on
  • Click on the drop-down on the right-hand side and click on Diary
  • Click on Invoice (Left-hand side menu)


  • In the Description box - Type what the invoice is for
  • Select the property from the property drop-down list.
  • Set the priority - or leave as Medium
  • Due Date: Enter the date that you want the first invoice to appear on
  • You are unlikely to have an invoice to attach for a repetitive invoice
  • Date: will default to today’s date as the date the diary entry was created
  • Reference: this is usually the invoice number but at this stage, you probably do not have one
  • Invoice Amount: Enter in the dollar amount for the normal cost (incl GST) - Don't worry if the invoice amount changes in future - you can edit it before you process the invoice.
  • Check the maintenance fee percentage
  • Set the repetitive period i.e 1 Month
  • The Tenant charge will invoice the tenant, type charge amount under charge and use the drop-down to select the tenant to be charged
  • You can add wording to the Invoice the tenant will receive by clicking on the Tenancy Invoice tab at the top and typing in your message there. 
  • Click Save & Close

NOTE: This has now been set up in the Supplier's Diary. It will show in your invoices screen in the Dashboard on the date that you set it up for. It stays in the list until you process it. Click this link for more information on processes the invoice from the dashboard.Rep_invoices.png

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