Processing the Invoices through Work Orders


Once you have finished updating all the invoices against this Property or Supplier - click here for instructions on entering in the invoice details to the work order closing or completing a work order.

  • Tick the work orders that you want to process
  • Click on Generate (Just under property address)
  • This will take you to the Transaction screen,
  • Click on Process. NB: This action is actually taking the money from the Property and moving it across to the Supplier but is not paying the supplier at this stage.

Note: You may get a pop up box telling you that the owner does not have enough funds:

If have Strict Audit turned on, it will put the property on keep back for you and put the invoice under the Pending Invoices in the Home screen. Note: No money will be taken off the property until there is actual money to take.


  • Click Close, this will take you back to the Work Order screen – and it will have moved the processed work orders from Current to Closed
  • If you have charged the tenant through the work order you can also see this on this screen


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