Entering a Supplier

All suppliers (Tradespeople) that your company use on a regular basis should be entered into Palace. This will allow you to create works orders and pay your suppliers. Make sure you have the following information:

  1. Contact email addresses
  2. Contact phone numbers
  3. Bank Account numbers for payment

Instructions on setting up a new supplier

  • Click on Supplier then Add Supplier (Left hand side menu)
  • Enter in the personal and contact details including first and surnames if you know them. A surname must be filled out but if you only know a company name, then put the company name in all three fields:
  • Service address is the actual location of the company. Primary Email is usually used for Works orders. Secondary email can be used for sending emails to accounts dept.

The financial tab holds further information:

  • Under Remittance: Select the media from the drop down list
  • Select a payment type from the drop down list
  • Select an expense code from the drop down list. If there is no appropriate expense code you can add one by going to Settings – List Defaults (see full instructions on next page – please DO NOT use (Add New))

Expense codes are used for reporting in the Year-To-Date Summary that goes out at the end of the year to the Owners. It allows all expenses to be analysed by category i.e Plumbing.

  • If you do not wish to charge the standard maintenance fee for this supplier you can overwrite the fee at the bottom of the page.


The Options tab also holds more information :

  • Enter in the type of business e.g Builder (This is very helpful to new property managers who might not be able to tell from the name of the company)
  • Enter in the type of services offered. e.g If a Plumber, you might put that they also do drain laying etc.
  • Under "Default Invoice Details" Type in the name of the company, this then shows on the owner statement so they can see the name of the supplier of the invoice.
  • Mail Merge Inclusion: This is ticked by default and just means that if you are doing a bulk email or letter to all your suppliers, this one will be included.
  • Water Services – this option relates to maintenance manager, document flow/scanning and barcode scanning. (NB: these features are not yet in Liquid)
  • Click save and close.
  • If you have marked this Supplier as "Direct Credit" you now need to click on the supplier Edit (drop down) and choose Bank Account. Click on Add and enter the bank account details.
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