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Learn the basic information required to set up a new supplier in Palace.

This article covers:

Add supplier details

  • Go to Supplier > Add supplier
  • Enable the Auto-fill setting on the right-hand side of the screen
  • Add the company’s name
  • Add the supplier’s first name
  • Add the supplier’s last name (required)

Note: If a contact person’s details are unknown you can place the company name in all those fields.

  • Add the supplier's postal address
  • Add supplier's contact numbers
  • Add relevant email addresses
    • Primary email - is usually used for work orders
    • Secondary email - can be used for sending emails to the accounts department
  • Add the supplier’s service address. This is the location (office) of the company

Add a supplier profile.png

  • Click More
  • Click Save & view

After you have added the supplier's details you need to add their financial information. Click on the Financial tab.

Add supplier financial information

Most of these fields will populate from the settings tab, however, some will need to be changed.

  • Under Remittance, select the media and subscription media options
  • Add the payment type
  • Select the expense account
  • Select to overwrite the maintenance fee or leave it set to no
    • If you do not wish to charge the standard maintenance fee for this supplier, you can overwrite this fee by changing the toggle to yes
  • Add/change the default invoice details

Financial tab.png

  • Click More
  • Click Save & view

After you have added the supplier's financial information you need to look at the options available. Click on the Options tab.

Select supplier options

  • Add a business type, I.e., cleaning services or locksmith, etc.
  • Add the supplier’s GST number, if available
  • Add a policy number
  • Add an expiry date
  • All other fields are optional at this stage

Options tab.png

If the supplier has their payment type set to direct credit you must set up their bank account. Click on the Bank Account tab.

Add supplier bank account information

  • Click Create New
  • Add all the relevant information
  • Click Save changes

Bank account.png

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