Setting up for Document Flow - Palace Water rates etc - Email

Things you need to make sure the client knows about the email address set up 

The details that we need for this are as follows:
  • Client Name
  • Email Address/Addresses that they will use to send invoices to us.
Ideally, we should only set up one email account for this.
They may give us the reason to have one email plus the scanner/printer/MFD email as this covers invoices received into their office via email and post. They have to scan (one by one) from the copier to their email and forward each one which creates a lot more work for users.
In this case, we need to explain to them the difference between Regular email vs Forwarding email.
  • Regular email accounts enable you to send, receive, and access your email from the webmail or using an email client application (like Outlook, or Apple Mail, for example).
  • Forwarding email accounts allow you to automatically direct incoming messages to another email address. There is no inbox for a forwarding account, and nothing is stored. We redirect any email messages sent to your forwarding account address to the other email address you specify.

Please note: Sending forwarded emails to can be missed/not received. In some previous cases, clients would receive an email to an address, forward this to another email address as this may be needed by another department and then forward that email to their email address (which is set for this service) and then email it to Palace. With all these forwardings the email may never come into Palace. A single forward or a new email is ideal to minimise issues.

Scanners/copiers are usually set up using forwarding email accounts. They can ask their copier providers for training about email setup, bulk scanning, etc.
We can set up multiple email addresses, however, please do not encourage this for customers, as this leads to more time for set up on our end, moreover if they have issues with scanning then we have to track this for both emails.
If they still need to use this from multiple email accounts, clients should have email forwarding set to one of their nominated accounts by their own IT support and give us one email so we can configure it on our end. This will make it more manageable in the long run
Iqbal is handling this. If you have any questions about this please feel free to ask.
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