Creating a Work Order

Work order screen

The works order screen is controlled by a filter with the following options:

Current: Shows you all works orders that are still open

Closed: Shows you the works orders that have been invoiced or closed

All: Shows you all work orders for the property or supplier regardless of whether or not they are still open

Creating a work order

  • Find the property that you require (you can also create a works order from the Supplier list)
  • Click on the drop-down on the right-hand side and choose works order.
  • Click on Create New (Top right-hand corner), and a new screen will open:
  • Select the supplier that you want to send the work order to by clicking on the drop-down arrow (if creating the work order under supplier choose the property the work order is for)
  • Select the action from the drop-down list e.g Work in Progress, Authority Granted, Quote Required etc
  • On the right-hand side down the bottom, you can select various choices
    Add Smoke Alarm Attachments - This is the certification that you might have attached in the Property Health and Safety
    Add Insulation Attachment - This is the certification that you might have attached in the Property Health and Safety
    Add Hazard default/comments - These are hazards for this property that you have recorded in the Property Health and Safety Screen

Important Note: Never select "Work Invoiced" from this list as it will override the invoice procedure, making Palace assume the job has already been invoiced.

  • Scheduled Date: Normally this is left as today's date, however, you can use this date to future-date this job and use the scheduled maintenance report to show you jobs scheduled for a future date.
  • Estimated Cost: This allows you to set an estimated cost. If you enter an amount here the Keepback Estimated Cost option should ideally be set to Yes to create a keepback
  • Keep back Estimated Cost: If you say yes here, another field will appear asking to for a reason for the keep back. This will then show on the property Edit screen and will alert you when you come to pay the invoice. (This money will be kept back on any Owner payments for this Owner)
  • Works Order Description: Type the comments and instructions that you want to send to the Supplier (Tradesperson), this field must not be left blank
  • Notes: This is just for your internal use only. Notes do not show on the works order, ideal for informing an Admin person that the Tenant is to be charged.
  • Click on More, and select your option. i.e Preview, Email or text (NOTE: If you choose SMS, you will need to edit the message to cut the message down from two texts to one.)
  • Click on Save & Close

Disbursement Level: There is a warning built into the system for exceeding the pre-set disbursement level. It will show on the work order screen by the Estimated Cost field

  • A disbursement level is added to the Property Edit screen (make sure you set the status to On)
  • The warning is linked to the estimate field in the Work Order screen
  • If the estimated cost is more than the allowed disbursement it will give you a warning
  • You can choose to cancel the works order until you get permission to override the warning.


Reaching out to our support team:

When creating a support request please ensure you have placed as much information as possible to help the support agent to investigate your query. I.e., full contact details, contact number, company name and items regarding the issue you are experiencing. I.e., tenant/owner/supplier/property name, a copy of a report (if possible).

If you require additional assistance, click here to submit a support request or click on the pink/white Help button from within Palace.

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