Setting up default wording for Tenant Invoices

Setting up default wording to show in your tenant invoice will save you time when charging tenants. The default wording is set up against an expense code in the same area. Only needs to be set up once against each expense. This default wording applies to Tenant Invoices ONLY.

When setting up the Tenant Invoice and you choose an expense the default wording for that expense will automatically show on the tenant invoice, however it can be edited when creating the tenant invoice.

  • In the box next to the expense type (called Default Text) type in the words you want to appear on the Tenant Invoices
  • If you have more to enter, then just follow the same instructions
  • When you have finished click Save Changes.

This default wording will show now, whenever you want to create a tenant Invoice using that expense code.

They only show on a Tenant Invoice and can be overridden at any time.

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