Setting up Inspections - Scheduling an Inspection

A new managed property, once entered into Palace, will show in the Property Inspections area. It will be marked as N/A waiting to be set up.

Casuals will also show if you select yes to show casual properties.

Once all your inspections are set up in Palace, you will be able to run reports to see what inspections are coming up in a set time frame, you can sort this by Property Manager and grids as well as date

Once you have updated an inspection, Palace will charge the Owner and roll over the inspection to the date of the next inspection. You have a historical record of all the inspections undertaken for a property whilst in your care.

You will also be able to use the Palace App.

To set up an Inspection: See below

  • Click on Property
  • Click on Property Inspections
  • Filter by Property Manager if needed
  • Click on the column header "Next inspection date" to find any property marked N/A - This will show all properties without inspections set up


  • Find the property you require and click on create
  • Some of it has already been set up for you. Double check you have the right property manager connected to this inspection (i.e if you have a specific person who does Inspections make sure you link this to them)
  • Enter the date that you are first going to inspect this property
  • Enter the frequency that you are going to inspect this property i.e 3 months - 13 weeks
  • Note: If you change your frequency to weeks instead of months, this will allow the inspection to always fall on the same day of the week i.e Wednesday
  • Enter the charge rate, excluding GST. If you do not charge leave as zero

Note: Even if set as zero, this transaction will show on an Owners Statement, showing that an inspection has been undertaken but no charge has been put through.

  • Make sure the ledger says "Inspection Fees"
  • Click Save & Close

NOTE: An inspection cycle has now been set up for this property and it will show in any inspection reports under that date range, it will also show up in the "Property Charges" tab on the date it is due so that you can charge it through.


Issues fixed 10/02/2023

Inspections: Import/Export lists - Apply company portfolio, Administrator & user permissions:A small but important change in this release. We have now applied company portfolio, Administrator and user permissions to the Inspections - Import and Export lists. The Property Manager field will now follow the same logic as the User field on the Dashboard. 

  • The Property Manager dropdown will now only display the users you have shared permissions with. To get a better understanding of user permissions, clickhere.

  • There will be a new option called 'User Permissions', which will display Inspections for users you have permission to see (Very similar to the first bullet point, however, instead of needing to select each user, you can useUser Permissionsto show them all at once - Great if you are working in pods)

  • The option (All), will only be available to those that have the company portfolio setting. Similar to how the company portfolio setting works with your properties, owners & tenants, when this option is selected the system will display ALL Inspections, regardless of shared permission settings -
    NOTE:You must unlock the Company Portfolio to see all entries, the same way you would when looking at properties & tenants.

If you are a pro at understanding how permissions and authorities work, then clickherefor a simplified article on the new changes.

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