History - Hiding Transactions from Owner Statement

You can hide some reversals from showing on an Owner Statement. These will still show on Audit reports it just stops the Owners from knowing you had made a mistake.

There has to be a negative and a positive transaction in the current month for this to happen.

  • Financial then transactions,
  • Click on History - Right hand top corner
  • Find both transactions - enter in the first number in the first box, and the second transaction number in the second box
    Note: They may not both show on the same page
  • So find the transactions, the first one will be at the very top and the other at the very bottom
  • Tick both the transactions
  • At the top of the screen it will say “hide” Click Hide
  • A blue tag will be added to the transactions saying “Hidden”

This will not show on the owner statement but will still show on all Audit Reports


To Unhide: Do the same but in reverse

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