Customising the Bank Import - Bank Statement download

Customising of the Bank Statement for the Import Function

WARNING: If you are already using import bank statement, DO NOT DO this customising as you will wipe all your matches and have to start again!

Please also Note: The customising of this function is specific to the person logged in so you need to take note of the settings and set up against each person who will be doing the Import Bank Statement

  • Download your bank file how you normally would, save it on to your desktop (Must be CSV)
  • Click on Financial - click on Bank Import
  • Click on Edit Definition, then click on Create new


  • A new screen will appear
  • Click Choose File
  • Find your downloaded file >> Open
  • Format Name: Give the setup a name
  • Line Break Characters: Enter a comma (if any problems phone the help desk)”
  • Click the More button >> Preview (top of the screen) Your data now appears in columns
  • Ignore header no: You will see a few rows full of information not needed, count the rows and put that number in this field. e.g 3 (Click Preview)
  • Ignore Footer no: Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will probably see an unused row. If you do put the number 1 in this field. (Some banks may have more) (Click Preview)
  • Date Column: Find the column that is holding the dates and put that number in the field e.g 3 (Click Preview and the column will turn blue)
  • Amount Column: Find the column that is holding the amounts and put that number in the field e.g 4. Click Preview and the column will turn pink.
  • Reference columns: This is to record the columns that show the information that your are going to want to match. E.g 5, 6 and 7
  • Enter the numbers in the field separated by columns.
  • Click on Save & Close
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