Direct Debits for Tenant Invoices - Creating the files to send to the bank

Creating the file to send to the bank

Palace creates a CSV file from the Direct Debits due for you to send to the bank, Once the bank receive it they process it and the tenant receipts for the invoices are then shown on your bank statement the next morning. Receipt as normal.

You must have set up the ability to do Direct Debits/Deposits with the bank.

For Invoices: Palace relies on the invoice due date which is under System settings.

Make sure all tenants are set to Direct Debit and that you have selected invoices in the Tenant Bank Account area.

To create the file (See images above in the direct debit for rent)

  • Click on Financial, then Transactions
  • Click on drop down arrow next to the right hand side under batch 
  • Select Tenant DD invoices (generated)
  • Click on generate
  • The screen will show all tenants that have invoices due up to the date given, it will show those will bank accounts and those without
    Note: You can edit the amount that you require by clicking on Edit beside the relevant tenant
    Note: You can add a bank account by clicking on the drop down arrow beside the relevant tenant and clicking on bank account
  • Tick all the required tenants or select all
  • Then click Print, once printed
  • Click on Process, the following will pop up
  • Click on Save
  • This will take you to the Transaction Screen – Click on the Print Then go back and click on Process
  • You will now to be taken directly to the Online Banking area, you may want to print the direct schedule or just check it matches the other print outs
  • Click on Generate and This will create a CSV file for you. it will save in your download and then you can upload to your bank
  • All done
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