Generating Ledger Payments - Paying out Company Commission

Paying out the Ledgers in Bulk

You can pay out your company Ledgers, by using the Bulk payment type

  • Go to Transactions, click on the down arrow on the right hand side (Batch transactions)
  • Choose Payment - Ledger (Generated) - click on Generate button
  • Check the date, and enter in chq number if paying by Chq
  • Click Process.


  • The ledger payments will show on the screen. Click on the print button - top right hand side
  • Print report - Unprocessed Transaction Report - This will give a breakdown of each ledger total (Sometimes pays to print 2, one for you and one for the Principal.
  • Once printed - go back to Transactions and click on Process
  • Click on "Online File" -
    Note: If nothing shows here, it means you do not have a Trading Account entered. You can enter these details under Ledger on side menu
  • Click on "Generate", a pop up box will appear for you to type in the name of the file

    Call it Commissions.csv (or something that makes sense to you) (Better not to date the file as it is a good idea to override this file each time it is generated).

    Note: You MUST put .csv in the filename when you create it (or .aba if you are based in Australia)
  • This will save into your download file on your computer

Then go to bank and upload the file


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