Generating Supplier Payments - Paying Suppliers in bulk

You can pay out suppliers in bulk but using Generate Supplier Payments

  • Go to Transactions, click on the down arrow on the right-hand side (Batch transactions)
  • Choose Payment - Supplier (Generated) - click on the +Generate button
  • Check the date
  • Enter in a cheque number if paying by cheque.
  • You have the opportunity to generate remittances by changing the toggle from NO to YES.
  • Please note: Once this has been changed it will stay on by default.


  • Click Process.
  • The Supplier payments will show on the screen. Click on the print button - top right-hand side
  • Print report - Unprocessed Transaction Report - This will show the total of cheques and direct payments
  • Once printed - go back to Transactions and click on Process.
  • Nothing will print or be emailed at this stage, they will be emailing out the back of the system and you will receive an email telling you when done, as long as the generate remittance has had the toggle changed to YES.


  • Once the transactions have finished printing, see below
  • Click on "Online File" - click on the print button - top right-hand side of the screen
  • This is the Direct Credit Report - close when printed
  • Click on "Generate", This will bring up a screen to get you to name it
  • Call it Supplier.csv (Better not to date the file as it is a good idea to override this file each time it is generated). 

NOTE:  Always put .csv on the end of the file name (.Aba for Australia)

This will save in your download folder. Then log into the bank and upload the payment .csv file.

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