Payment - Expense

This function is used to pay money out of the Owner directly. It can be used when you do not want to enter the Suppliers information into Palace as they were a once off, or paying back a tenant and it is often used when doing a Free Rent Period for the Tenant. More information on Free Rent Periods can be found in the Rent Increase Help File

  • Click on Financial then Transactions
  • On the left-hand side click on the down arrow, select Payment Expense and click on Generate
  • Find the property
  • Check the date
  • Select the expense
  • Enter in the amount
  • In the Ref field, normally you would put a brief description
  • Payee - Enter in the name and address details of the person that you are paying
  • Note: That it will change a commission using the maintenance fee, so remove the fee if you do not want to charge it
  • Add comments as needed, click Yes to Print Remittance if needed.
  • Click Confirm when finished
  • Then process as normal
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