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The following is an integration document for the API integration with FastConnect (in NZ -  It's important to note that FastConnect in Australia is a completely separate entity.  The integration is designed to send 'Tenancy' information and 'Service' requests from within 'Liquid' Palace to the 'FastConnect' system.  The process is straight forward and only requires an 'Agent Code' acquired from 'FastConnect' to be entered in the 'Integrations area in Palace.  Once this code has been entered, a new menu option for 'Tenancies' in the 'Tenancy' list will become available.  This option will allow the user to send the 'Tenancy Information' and a 'Connection Request' directly through to 'Fast Connect'.  At the same time, it will also add information into the 'Notes' field within the 'Tenancy' record describing the services requested along with the date and application ID.


Initial Integration Setup

It's important to note that only an 'Administrator' of Palace can initiate the 'Integration' as the user requires access to the 'System Settings' area.

If you are an administrator of Palace and FastConnect (and know the 'Agent Code' for your company), please use the following instructions to initiate the integration setup...

  • Navigate to the 'System Settings' and select the 'Integrations' tab (see image below).  Click on the 'Setup Fast Connect' button...
  • Select the 'Enable' toggle and enter the 'Agent Code' (provided by FastConnect. Please contact FastConnect if you do not have this code).  Click 'Save Changes' (See image below).

You have now set up the integration with 'FastConnect'

Contact 'FastConnect' to obtain your 'Agent Code' if you are not sure what this is.  NOTE: This code applies to your entire office.

Sending Tenancy 'Service Request' to FastConnect from 'Liquid' Palace

After the initial integration setup, there will be an extra option in the 'drop-down' menu called 'Send to FastConnect'.  All users will be able to use this option to send 'Tenancy' and 'Service Request' information through to the FastConnect system.

Once you select this menu item, you will be presented with a list of services to request from 'FastConnect'.  Toggle the services you would like to request to 'Yes' and click the 'Submit' button (see image below)

Congratulations.  You have now submitted the first request to 'FastConnect'.  This will show in the 'FastConnect' portal...

Along with the services requested...

The system will record information in the 'Tenancy Notes' tab regarding the services requested, date and application id...

Users should contact 'Palace' first if there are any support issues related to this service as the initial requests are generated from Liquid Palace to the FastConnect API.






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