Fast Connect integration


The Fast Connect integration is designed to send tenancy information and service requests from within Palace to the Fast Connect system. Fast Connect in Australia is a separate entity.

This article covers:

Initial Integration Setup

It's important to note that only an administrator of your Palace database can initiate the integration as the user requires access to the system settings area.

Note: Contact Fast Connect if you do not have this code. This code applies to your entire office.

  • Go to System > Settings
  • Click on Integrations
  • Click on the Setup Fast Connect button

Set up Fast Connect.png

  • Select the Enable toggle
  • Enter the Agent Code provided by Fast Connect.
  • Click Save Changes

Enable integration.png

  • The integration with Fast Connect is now enabled.

Send a tenancy service request

After the initial integration setup, there will be an extra option in the drop-down menu called Send to FastConnect. All users will be able to use this option to send tenancy and service request information through to the Fast Connect system.

  • Go to Tenancy > Current tenancies
  • Search for your tenant in the list
  • Click the drop-down next to Edit
  • Click on Send To FastConnect

Sent to Fast Connect.png

  • A list of services to request from Fast Connect will appear
  • Toggle the services you would like to request to yes
  • Click Submit

Fast Connect requests.png

  • The Fast Connect portal will show the source of the information


  • Along with the services requested


Tenancy notes

The system will record information in the tenancy notes section regarding the services requested, date and application ID.

  • Go to Tenancy > Current tenancies
  • Search for your tenant in the list
  • Click on the tenant's full name
  • Click on Options
  • The Tenancy notes section is at the bottom of the page

Tenancy notes.png

If you're experiencing any support issues related to this service, it's best to submit a request to the Palace support team first. They'll be able to assist you since the initial requests are generated from Palace to the Fast Connect API.

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