Fixing sideway photos - EXIF Image Fix

Sometimes a photo is uploaded and it comes up horizontal instead of vertical.

The instructions below will explain how and the file you need is attached. 


 Images showing incorrectly upon importing into Palace?


Palace brings in photos in its true form that it was taken, which can often lead to photos needing to be rotated.
i.e if you take a photo in landscape on your device, you will notice that your device or PC will auto rotate the photo to show in portrait, however, Palace picks up that the photo was taken in landscape and will show the photo in landscape upon importing into Palace.

Attached is the program that can sort this. This program will allow you to rotate these photos to ensure they show the correct way for you, follow the instructions below and you will be able to manually rotate these images accordingly for use in Palace.

Using the Image Fix

Once installed onto your machine, open up the program and you will see the below window -




FX_Image_5.pngClick on the option ‘Load Image’ as highlighted above, which will open your windows explorer. From here, you will need to navigate through your window explorer to find the folder where your photos are currently saved i.e Desktop, Documents etc.

 Once you have selected your image click on ‘Open’ and the image will now show on the Image Fix program.
From here you will two options on rotating the images.

1. Click on the ‘Correct Orientation’ button and this should auto-rotate the image for you.



  1. Decide how much you need to rotate the image by selecting one of the toggle buttons on the bottom right hand side of your window and click on ‘Force Rotate’.


When you are happy with the changes, click on ‘save’ and you will be presented with a pop up warning as per screenshot, click on ‘Yes’. FX_image_4.png


You will be taken to your windows explorer once again, here you will have the choice of overwriting the original image in its designated folder (Recommended), or making a copy so you have two versions of your image (original image and rotated image).


Upload your adjusted photos into Palace and they will now show in the correct format as needed.


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