Payment Supplier - Single

Suppliers can be paid out singularly or in a bulk through Generate Payment Supplier. For more information on the whole Supplier process - see the Maintenance Supplier Procedure File

  • Click on Financial – then Transactions
  • On the left hand side click on the down arrow, select Payment Supplier and click on Generate
  • Find the Supplier that you require
  • The invoices entered for that Supplier will show here. 

  • Check that you want to pay them all, if not just untick the ones you do not want to pay
  • Check the total so that it matches what you want to pay 
  • Click Confirm when ready
  • Then click Process. (This is the end of the process if you just pay the supplier manually in the bank or write them a cheque)
  • Download the remittances if you want a paper copy to send the supplier
  • Click on Online if you want to pay the Supplier through the bank (create a bank file to upload)
  • Click on Generate, this will create a file for the bank. Name it Supplier.csv and click Download
  • Then close out.

Note: If any unticked transactions, this means that the property does not have enough funds and if you tick them you run the risk of overdrawing the Trust account (This will only happen if strict Audit is turned off)

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