Receipt to a Bond Holding Ledger - Tenant

This function is used to put money into a Holding ledger against the tenant’s name. Used mostly for Holiday Rentals but some users also use it for Water Rates where the tenant pays a small amount weekly in advance (however this is NOT the recommended method for this, we recommend that you use Receipt Tenancy Invoice and put into the holding account that way).


The money is held in the ledger and then refunded out of the ledger and into the Tenant record when the invoice comes in.  See the help file on Tenant Debits for more information.

  • Go to Financial Transactions - Click on the drop down arrow (left hand side)
  • Click on Receipt - Bond (Other)
  • Find the tenant
  • Check the date
  • Pick up the Ledger that you require

Note: Only Bond Ledgers will show in this screen. To enter in a new ledger: Click on Ledgers and click on Add. Give it a name and then click on Type and select Bond. Save & Close

  • Enter in the amount, enter in comments if needed (what the money is for)
  • Click Confirm, when finished and then click Process in the transaction screen.
  • The money is now held in the Ledger. You can check this by clicking on Tenant Reports - Bond Other. It will show you a list of all tenants with money being held in Ledgers.
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