Receipt Tenancy Invoice

Receipt Tenant Invoice is used to receipt against a previously created Tenant Invoice, or just receipting some money into a holding ledger for a tenant.

You have a choice to receipt money against a tenant that then reimburses the owner or you can receipt the money directly into a Fee ledger (to pay yourself back) or into a holding ledger i.e water to later assign to an invoice when it is created.

  • Go to transactions
  • Select Receipt Tenancy Invoice
  • Click on generate
  • Find the tenant

  • Check the date
  • Enter in the amount you are receipting
  • Pick where you want the money to go. Ie Direct to Owner or to a Fee ledger (company money) or to a holding account (Bond)
  • If you are charging a commission – slide to yes
    Note: This charges the Owner a commission on the invoice – not the tenant
  • If you already have invoices loaded, they will show in the bottom part called Invoices.
  • Select the invoice that you want to pay
  • Then click on confirm.


Note: If you are just receipting money in and do not have an invoice to receipt against, you will get a pop up that asks the following:


Say yes and you can assign it to an invoice later once you create the invoice.

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