Receipt Rent - Manually

Manually Receipting Rent (Residential/Commercial)

This option is for straight rent, if you have Bond and Letting fee or something else to receipt as well, then use Receipt Tenant Multiple 

You can also import your bank statement directly into Palace and match the tenants automatically. Click here to go to the Bank Import Instructions.

NOTE: Rapid Entry:  If you have more than one receipt to process, then tick on Rapid entry (At top of the screen). As you receipt each rent you click confirm and the transaction pops into the Transaction area and then you enter the next rent, after you have clicked Confirm on the last transaction, you then click on Back. Then you will see all the rent transactions in the list, click on Process.

  • Go to Financial then Transactions (Left hand side menu)
  • Drop down the box and select Receipt Rent (Residential/Commercial)
  • Then click on Generate
  • Slide the Rapid Entry button to on if receipting more than one rent


  • Type in the tenant name, or code, or property address, or property code
  • Check the date is correct to the date you are receipting (i.e if you are receipting from the bank statement then this will be yesterday's date)
  • The rent amount will auto fill from the setting in the Tenant Record – but you can override it to match the amount actually received.
  • Ref No: This is the receipt number, if this is an AP, then leave the receipt number as is and then it will auto change.

Note: If you are using manual receipts to enter in your cash banking. Make sure they have an Alpha character in front of the number. This will then allow the system to revert back to the AP automatic numbering)

  • The name of the Property Manager will show down the bottom of the screen, if a commission has been set in the User screen, it will show here.
  • Payment area: This is for the type of payment, it will default to the one set in the tenant screen e.g Direct, you can change it if necessary.
  • Comments area: You can type any comments that are relevant to this receipt and they will show on the Tenant Details Report
  • Click Confirm (Top right hand side) when finished - This will take you to the transaction screen (Unless you have "Rapid Entry" ticked, then you would just do the next one)
  • In the Transaction area, click on Process
  • This will then process the rent, take off the commission and GST and update the tenant record

Note: When Processed, Palace takes the commission off and puts it in the ledgers, then the rest of the money goes against the Owner and the tenant's records are updated.

Further Notes: If you need to check where the tenant is paid up to. Click on the Details Tab of this screen, this will give you up to date information on the tenant.




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