Payment Bond

This creates the cheque/payment that pays Bonds paid by tenants, out to the Tenancy Bond Centre

  • Go to Financial – then Transactions.
  • Drop down the arrow and select Payment - Bond - click on Generate
  • A list of bonds will appear on the screen - Check the bonds against the bonds forms that you are holding
  • If you do not want to pay a bond that is showing in the list, simply untick that one


  • If you do want to pay the Bond but not the payment showing, you can change the amount.
    Please Note: You can only change it to a lesser amount, if you change to a higher amount, you will get a warning and it will not let you proceed.
  • Once you are happy with the Bonds showing and the total, enter the Cheque number in the reference no. field
  • Click on Confirm, you will be taking to the transaction screen.
  • Click on Process
  • Click on download to Print the Bond Remittance (This is the report you will send with the bond cheque) Print 2 so you have one for your records
  • Click close when completed

This transaction will show in your unpresented area in your Bank Rec and will stay there until the Cheque shows on your bank statement or you have made payment online

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