Payment Ledger (Company Money)

Paying Out Commission

This function allows you to pay money out of your company commission ledgers. Normally it is paid out at Month End but you can do it at anytime. 

  • Click on Financial then Transactions - Click on the left hand down arrow
  • Select - Payment Ledger and click on Generate
  • Find the Ledger that you require, i.e Letting Fees
  • The amount that is being held in the ledger will show on the screen. You can override to put in a LESSOR amount, but you MUST NEVER put in a larger amount as this can cause you to overdraw the Trust Account and the Ledger will be overdrawn.
  • Put good comments on why you are doing this payment
  • Click Confirm
  • Process as normal.
  • Click on online to upload the file OR go direct to your bank and do a transfer


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