Receipt Tenant Multiple - For Rent Bond and Letting Fee

Receipt Tenant - Multiple

When you are receipting more than just rent, eg. Bond and Letting Fee for a first initial payment, then Receipt Tenant – Multiple is the quickest way to go. You can use Receipt Bond or Receipt Letting Fee if want to receipt separately.

  • Financial - Transaction Area - Click on the left hand side drop down box and choose "Receipt Tenant - Multiple"
  • Click on Generate
  • Type in the tenant name, or code, or property name or property code
  • Check the date
  • Receipt No: This is the default number that changes every time you receipt, if you are entering in from a manual receipt, you need to change the receipt number (we suggest you put an alpha in front of the number e.g M2345 as that will allow the automatic receipting number to continue unchanged)
  • The rent, bond and letting fee amounts will show automatically. Change them if needed.
  • The total will show up the top of screen on the right hand side
  • Check the rest of the details

Note: If you are receipting a letting fee and you need to pay a commission to the Letting Manager which is different from the Property Manager, click on the drop down arrow (Under user details and select the Letting User from the list. This will bring up their commission percentage.

  • Once completed, click on Confirm - This will take you back to the transaction screen for Processing.
  • A separate transaction will show for each field that you entered money into. e.g Bond, Letting Fee and Rent.
  • Click on Process when done
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