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The Invoice function is for entering Supplier Invoices into Palace. It does the following

  • The invoice is entered against a property
  • The money is taken from the property and moved to the Supplier ready to be paid out
  • You can also charge a tenant directly from here (saves having to do it separately as set out above)

For full instructions on how this works please see the Maintenance/Suppliers Procedures. Basic Instructions are below

Sometimes you have invoices that do not have a works order created for them i.e Water Rates, Rates or lawns. Rather than create a works order for them you can enter them directly using the Invoice Supplier transaction.

  • Click on Financial - Transactions
  • Click on the left-hand drop-down arrow and select - Invoice Supplier (You can just start typing)
  • Click on Generate.
  • If you are doing more than one invoice, on the right-hand side you will see a Rapid Entry button, slide this on


  • Find the property
  • Check the date
  • Select the Supplier
  • Expense - Select an expense that is relevant to the invoice i.e Water rates if the invoice is from Watercare

        Note: Expense codes are important for the breakdown of expenses on the Year To Date     
        Statement for the Owners

  • Enter the amount (incl GST)
  • Enter the Invoice Number
  • Check the maintenance fee and change it if needed
  • Enter a Priority if needed - otherwise, leave it as medium
  • Enter a due date if needed i.e if it must be paid by a certain date
    Note: If the due date is set, it will create a reminder in the diary 2 days before the due date that was set.
  • If you have already scanned in the Supplier Invoice, you can click on the Attach file field and find your file, this will attach to this transaction and go out with the month-end statement.
  • Enter in comments to show on the Owner Statement
  • If some of the invoice amount needs to be charged to the tenant, tick the charge tenant box and another screen will open. Fill in the information here. A Tenant Invoice will be created.
    NOTE: If you have an attachment linked to your invoice, you can opt to have this sent to the tenant by setting the below toggle to YES
  • Click OK – Top right hand side of the screen
  • Once in the transaction screen you can click Process
  • The money is now taken off the property and moved to the Supplier list
  • If there is not enough money, you will get a pop up asking you to put it on Keep Back, fill in the reason.
  • It is now a pending invoice that sits in the dashboard waiting for the money to arrive.

NOTE: Rapid Entry:  If you have more than one invoice to process, then tick on Rapid entry (At top of supplier Invoice screen) As you enter each invoice you click confirm and the transactions pops into the Transaction area and then you enter the next invoice, after you have clicked Confirm on the last transaction, you then click on Back. Then you will see all the transactions in the list, click on Process.

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