Invoice Tenancy

Invoice Tenancy

This creates an invoice (charge) against the tenant. One of the most common uses is for Water Rates, but it can be used for any function where the tenant owes you money. You create a charge and send an invoice to the tenant, the tenant then pays the invoice and the money is reimbursed to the Owner (or to your company).

There is a few different places that you can create a Tenant Invoice, through a work orders, through supplier Invoice and Invoice Tenancy

For a quick check process sheet follow this link Tenant Invoicing and Receipting Procedure File.

To Create the Invoice:

  • Click on Financial, then transactions.
  • Drop down the arrow in the left hand menu and choose Invoice - Tenancy, - Click on Generate
  • Select the Tenancy (either drop down the list or type name)
  • Fill in the details, checking the date
  • Select an Expense type
  • Choose where to apply the Charge to: i.e. Direct to the Owner, To a Holding Ledger or to a Ledger Fee (meaning your company). This is important when it comes to receipting the money in.
  • Enter in the amount (incl GST)
  • Select the Due date for the invoice – Very important for Direct Debit clients
  • Choose to either download the Invoice (print) or Email.
  • Track charge – should always be left on if it comes up (this is preset in your settings).
  • Enter any comments you need
  • If you are holding any money for this tenant in a holding ledger - It will show under Bond Ledger and you can choose if you want to use that money to go against the invoice.
  • Click on Confirm – top right hand side of the screen.
  • Click Process
  • This will now create the invoice for the tenant to pay against
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