Creating a Tenant Invoice - Single or Multiple items

Invoice Tenancy

Sometimes a tenant owes you or the owner for services or costs incurred. To collect these costs, you will create a Tenancy Invoice.

There is the ability to just invoice one total amount or break down each item on the Invoice. 

There is a few different places that you can create a Tenant Invoice, through Work orders, Transactions, Supplier Invoice and Invoice Tenancy and Document Flow

You can create an invoice for any of the following plus more

  • Opex for Commercial Costs
  • Reimbursement for vacating costs on a refund of Bond
  • Leasebreak costs
  • Water Invoicing 
  • Plus many more...

Creating the Tenancy Invoice (through transactions)

  • Click on Financial, then transactions.
  • Drop down the arrow in the left hand menu and choose Invoice - Tenancy, - Click on Generate
  • Select the Tenancy (either drop down the list or type name)
  • Fill in the details, checking the date
  • Select an Expense type
  • Choose where to apply the Charge to: i.e. Direct to the Owner, To a Holding Ledger or to a Ledger Fee (meaning your company). This is important if a different person is receipting money in as it helps them to know where the money needs to go.
  • Enter in the reference: or comments i.e Fixed term breaks costs
  • If you want to break the costs down, you can enter each amount and the description under Invoice Breakdown and then put the total amount in the Charge Amount
    Note: If you do the multiple items they will all show separately on the Tenant Invoice.
  • Or for a single item, just put the total cost in
  • Select the Due date for the invoice – Very important for Direct Debit clients (it will auto fill from the setting under System settings)
  • Choose to either download the Invoice (print) or Email.
  • Track charge – should always be left on if it comes up (this is preset in your settings).
  • Enter any comments you need
  • If you are holding any money for this tenant in a holding ledger - It will show under Bond Ledger and you can choose if you want to use that money to go against the invoice.
  • Click on Confirm – top right hand side of the screen.
  • Click Process
  • If you chose print, the pop up box will have a download button on it, otherwise it will be emailed
  • This will now create the invoice for the tenant to pay against.
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