Palace Update 6.27

Owner Commercial Statement (Fix Multiple Issues)


New Owner Statements: New ‘Student Statement’

A modified version of the current Commercial statement.


Diary: SMS Reply and Mergers shows all message text (not just first line)


Transaction: A Tenant Invoice now uses Primary Property agent 1.


Add ‘Use Portal Email’ for ‘Inspect Real Estate’ (REAXML option)


Audit Report: Banking (Group by ‘Cash’ and ‘Cheque’ respectively)


Report: Agent Portfolio – Now Calculates number of Managements excluding those ‘Won’ after ‘Month End’


Report – Tenant: Total amount owing  Incorrect ‘Let Fee Required’ when ‘Filter By’ Agent – FIXED


Owner Statements: Automatic ‘Keep Back’ amount for ‘Overpaid Rent’ is not showing for ‘Old Tenancies’  – FIXED

 Mail Merge:

Email (Merge in ‘Body’ of email with ‘Include Agent Signature’ checked causes ‘Blank Emails’) – FIXED


Property: Options Tab

(Custom fields setup as ‘Date’ type fields do not appear to retain information after saving) – FIXED


Month End System Check – Creditor Current Balance Calculation Not working for all Creditors – FIXED


 Transactions: Unprocessed Transaction Report

(Displays ‘Owner Details / Bank’ for ‘Tenancy Refund’) – FIXED


Property (Details): Primary Agent

(Do not allow a ‘Property’ to be saved if it does not have a ‘Primary 1 Agent’) – FIXED


Reports: Commercial Invoice (Add ‘Rental Period’ to ‘Commercial Invoice’ not just ‘Paid To’ date

The entire ‘Rental Period’ to ‘Commercial Invoice’, not just the ‘Paid To’ date.


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