Single Key check out

You can check out one key at a time per property - or you can do multiple keys under System - System Keys (User)

To check out a single key, do the following:

  • Go to the Property List.
  • Find the property, and click Edit.
  • At the bottom on the right-hand side, you will see the Key Number area.
  • Click on check out.


The following screen shows the users and their mobile phone numbers. You can also select the Supplier (if the key is being checked out to a Supplier). Note: If a cell phone number does not show, you can enter it yourself.

These people will get an SMS (text) reminder if the key does not come back in the allotted time.

  • SMS (text) Repeat Reminder (message) is what will show on the text that goes out.
  • SMS (text) Initial Days is the number of days that Palace will wait before it sends out the reminder text.
  • SMS (text) Repeat Days is the number of days Palace will wait after the initial text goes out before it sends a reminder. It will keep doing this until the key has been checked back in.
    Note: If you check out a key at 10am then it will send the reminder at 10am 3 days (or what ever you set) later. Also it works on normal days not working days
  • Click on Confirm Check Out.
  • Down the bottom of the screen, the key number will now show.
  • Write down the Key Number (shows at the bottom of the screen under Key Number) BEFORE closing out as this is the ONLY indication you will get of the Key Number.
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