Use the mobile app


Before using the app, set up the inspection template and transfer inspection info. The app also lets you access owner, property, tenant, and supplier details.

This article will cover:

The property home screen

To access the property home screen:

  • Sign into the app
  • Tap either Inspections or Contacts
  • Tap on the property address
  • Inspection - When you click on Start New Inspection, select whether you want to complete a full (entry/exit) or a routine inspection. Your default template will show the first time you inspect a new property
  • Video Inspection - You can record video inspections in the app. The videos will be uploaded to your company's YouTube channel, which you can sign into in the app's settings. The videos will be unlisted and the link will be saved in your Palace database's property diary. You can access them through the client portal in Palace
  • Work Order - Create work orders for a property should you require maintenance to be carried out. Work orders are uploaded to your Palace database to be reviewed and sent to suppliers


The Contacts tab allows you to access the owner, property, tenant and supplier lists. Tap on any of the lists to get started.


What's Next

Once you are done here you may need some help to create an inspection template on the app and Upload an inspection from the app.

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