How to use the mobile app

Before the app can be used, you will need to set up the inspection template and transfer inspection information. While the primary function of the inspection app is to conduct Inspections, you can also access Owner, Property, Tenant and Supplier information. 

The Contacts tab allows you to access the Owner list, Property list, Tenant list and Supplier list. 

You can click on any of the lists to get started. If you want to conduct a Property inspection, you may either click on a select property in the property list or go to the Inspection tab.


Property Inspection

To start an inspection, select the property from either the Property list or the Inspection tab.


  • Start New Inspection: This will start the process for a new inspection. Information from any previous inspections will be carried over and can be overwritten as needed.
  • New Video Inspection: Click on this to do a Video Inspection.
  • Send Work Order: Click on this to create a new Work Order.


Inspection: When you click on Start New Inspection, select whether you are going to do a Full inspection (Entry/Exit) or a Routine inspection. Your default template will show the first time you do an inspection on a new property.

If you want to configure the inspection, select the 3 dots on the top-right hand side. This is where you can add/delete rooms and features.

Once you're in the property, you can go through each room, select each feature, and record the status of that feature. You may also add additional notes if needed. Photos taken will be recorded against the room they are taken.

Video Inspection: Video inspections can also be recorded. Note that the actual video will be uploaded to YouTube and therefore you will need a company YouTube Channel. To link your app to your company YouTube Channel, you will need to log in to YouTube in the settings area of your app. These videos will be posted as Unlisted videos which means they are not searchable on the web. The video link is saved in Palace and is used to display the video on the Owner Portal.

Please note: During a video inspection you are not able to pause the video. While this feature is an Android feature that the app has inherited Apple does not support pausing of videos.

Work Order: You can also create work orders on a property should you require maintenance to be carried out. Work Orders may be sent via email and/or text message.

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