How to view the key list and add/edit/delete keys

When you first set-up the Key System you will need to assign each property a key (or keys). You can do this against each property, under Property Edit or you can do it in the Admin area.



A list of all the keys in the system will show. It will show you how many keys are being held against each Property. You can add more keys or assign they keys to a Category.
Note: All keys will be automatically assigned to the Category - General.

  • When you select a Property in the list, if there are keys already assigned they will show in the top box.
  • Find the Property and highlight
  • Move the Mouse to the far right column and click on Action - Add Key
  • Select the Category from the drop down box
  • Type in the key number - It will warn you if the number has already been added
  • Close if finished, otherwise add more keys
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