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There are two ways of sending letters and newsletters out of Palace. One is singular, from the Diary, under Correspondence and the other is a Bulk Mail Merge. This help file will give instructions on both, but we will concentrate mainly on Bulk Mail Merge for documents.


How to Set Up a Mail Merge Template

  • Click on System, Document Templates 




  • Click on Create New, a wee box will pop-up
  • Give the new document a title
  • Select a type, i.e, Owner Property or Tenant and then click on Save and Close
  • If the letter does not shoe immediately in the list, click on the Refresh Web Page Button
  • Now the letter will be showing, click on Edit Arrow >> Edit Document




  • A screen with an empty document should be showing in front of you now                            Note: If you have a letter already in Microsoft Word that you want to bring over, you can drag it and drop. Minimise Palace, then go to the place you have your word doc (do not open the document) just click on it and drag it into the empty template inside Palace. Now you can carry on as below.
  • Make sure the cursor is in the place that you want to start the letter
  • Check you have set the correct font size and style




  • If you want to put in a letterhead, see the next section for instructions
  • Click on the drop-down list under Merge Fields at the top of the page
  • Move the cursor down the page and then click on "Merge Fields drop-down again, select the fields that you want. I.e, if you want Tenant Group Name, you scroll down to the T's find the Merge Field, click on it and it will appear in your letter
  • Keep repeating this step throughout the letter entering in all the merge fields you need
  • Once you have finished the letter, you can use the User Merge Fields to sign off. (User/User Merge Fields use the Primary user of the Owner)
  • Keep in mind that if you will use the letter in the body of an email, then the email signature will be available, so you may not need to use User Fields
  • Once set up, save and close out

Note: Follow the same instructions for setting up SMS Templates, when you select the type, select the ones with SMS beside them i.e, Tenant SMS


How to put a Logo / Letterhead into a Document Template

You can insert a logo/letterhead into each document. There is no quick way to insert a letterhead into all your documents at once. They have to be inserted one at a time. 

Hint: You may need to change the margin settings on this page to allow for your letterhead to sit in the correct place. Click on Page Layout, then Page Setup




  • Once you have set the margins
  • Click on the area you will now show in the document, move it around until you have it in the right place, make sure the letter is showing correctly
  • Save and Close out of it (Or start typing your letter)

Note: If you do not have a letterhead for your Palace documents, email your logo and company details to us and one will be made for you.


How to do a Document Mail Merge

There are two types of Mail Merge: Letter and Email. Both will be explained below.

Documents (Mail Merge)

  • Go to Custom Views of the group you would like to send to i.e, Tenant, Owner
  • Select a custom view or create a new one (you only need the main custom view, call it the Tenant List or Property List etc) you do not need a new custom view for every letter




  • Click on the drop-down arrow beside Templates and choose the letter that you require
  • Filter by the User you want
  • You can filter by dates (If doing Inspection Letters)
  • Or you can filter by Email or SMS (More filters to come)
  • When you are happy you have the filters and selections you require click on preview (Top right-hand side of the screen) 
  • This will take you to the template letter in the Word processing screen
  • Make any changes to the letter as needed (you cannot make changes to any individual letter, only the mail template)
  • If emailing, see below for more notes
  • If printing, click on Merge, this will take you to another screen and show you the merged letters
  • Click on File and Print


How to do an Email Merge 

  • A pop-up box will appear




  • Your letter will be sent in the body of the email
  • If you want to attach a newsletter, click on Choose Files to add to your attachment
  • Then click on Send Emails and it will go out


How to use images in a Mail Merge

If you have images stored against a Property, you can insert those photos into custom designed flyers or window cards

You can also insert any images held outside of Palace into a document

  • Follow the instructions previously to set up your own new Template
  • Once you have set up the Template, put the cursor in the place where you want to insert the first photo
  • Click on Mailings  and select Insert Property Image Fields
  • Select the Merge image 1 (or any number) This refers to the order of the photos held in Palace
  • You will need to move them around a bit
  • Once you have inserted one photo, just repeat the action for more photos
  • To make the images easier to move around, right click on the image and choose format picture
  • Select the in "front of" or "behind" options. This turns the object into a floating object, which means it does not change any of the text.
  • If you want to insert a fixed image (e.g. a Logo) from an outside source - Click on Insert, then Image, browse to your images, select and click OK
  • Once you have it all set up, close and save. This is now ready to be merged through the Property Diary - Correspondence.
  • We suggest you try it now to make sure it works                                                              Note: Please note that currently, this feature is not available as a mass Mail Merge File.






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