Document Workflow - Scanning and Processing Explained


This procedure will cover scanning of barcodes for Water Rates or Council Rates or any invoice with a barcode. It will be the same instructions for other documents shortly.

If you go through any outside document scanning solution, there is a separate help file.


How to set up Document Scanning

Please notify us when you are ready to get this set up.

You must have a dedicated email address (could be more than one but we must be notified of this) at your end that the invoices will be coming from. Log this with Support.

This will then be set up and we will notify you when complete.

You can email from your water suppliers or you can scan and attach to an email. They are then emailed to When you attach your invoices, they must be PDF and must be individual, you can attach more than one but it cannot be one PDF with lots of invoices.

Palace will check for invoices every 10 minutes, so they will appear within no time.


How to find Scanned Invoices

At the top of your screen, you will see an icon like a document and it will show a number (as below) - This is the number of invoices that are waiting to be processed.


Click on the Icon and the following screen will appear


The screen shows all the invoices that are awaiting an action depending on the colour it is highlighted. See below for a description.

The colours mean the following

Yellow:         Exception : This is Palace highlighting that someone is wrong, like a tenant has vacated or
                     something, you can approve these yourself or you can mark them for approval and they will                      be sitting in the Approval tab on the dashboard

Green:          Approved and ready to Process

White:          No approval needed and ready for process

Red:             Has an exception on it but not in the approval process

The buttons across the top mean

Process:       This will process through to the transaction screen any invoice you have ticked

Approval Log:         This is a list of all invoices within the date range that have been approved
                                and by whom.

Send for Approval: If you have any lines in Red, you may want to select them and send them
                               through for approval

Add fixed charge: This is for water and allows you to put in an amount as the fixed charge for the owner.

Remove:       This will remove the Invoice and charge from this area

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