Making a rent change in retrospect

If a rent change should have been applied, but was not, then you have to let Palace know that the rent change has already happened.

The first step is to apply the rent change date and amount, then repost the tenancy.

Since the date will generally be before the current rent paid-to date, Palace will need to re-calculate the paid-to date and the current amount owing as-well-as any part payment. To do this, you need to 'repost' the rent.

This function corrects the rent paid-to and paid-from dates for a tenant.

Note: this will re-calculate all the rent paid from the start of the tenancy using the new rent change records that you may have now added.



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    Demi Jane Porter

    Hi team, so do we message you if we're adding rent retrospectively, or do we follow the instructions? Or both? Also, can you correct the 'Image - Michael' parts in the article? Thank you

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    Mandy Welch

    Hi Demi, images have now been added. There should be no need to contact us to add the rent retrospectively, but please do if you unsure of the process. Thanks

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