How to create a Repetitive Reminder

The Reminder function works similar to the Task function, in Outlook. You set up a reminder that will then show on the Dashboard in the Reminder Tab on the day that it is due. It will stay there until you process it. After you have finished the task, you can process the reminder and it disappears from that list. A permanent record of it is saved in the Diary.

You can set a one-off reminder or you can set repetitive reminders eg. Chimney Sweeps, Rent Reviews.

To set up a reminder:

  • Go to the Diary of the Owner, Property, Tenant or Property that you wish to set a reminder against.
  • In the Diary, select REMINDER


  • Type in the description for the reminder.
  • Select a group from the drop-down box, if relevant eg. if you were setting a reminder for a 14-day letter follow up, you may choose to link it to "Rent Overdue".
  • You can set this reminder for someone else and it will show in their reminders or leave your own name using the drop-down PRIMARY USER.
  • Set the date on which you want the reminder to pop up.
  • If this is a repetitive reminder, select the frequency.
  • You can also choose to set a priority. Items listed with priority 1 will appear first (items appear in numerical order)

Click SAVE when finished

Note: This will now save in your diary permanently and will show in the reminder tab on the day that it is due, ready for you to process it 

You can now go to Property Reports - Diary Group Reports. Select the diary group you want and then run the report to see who is due. Then you can create a work order 

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