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You can compose a new email from a few different areas from an entity (Owner, Property, Tenant or Supplier).

1. Current List Menu: From the drop-down menu 


2. Email Shortcut: Using the 'Email' shortcut button under each 'edit' screen


3. Diary: In an entity diary, you can use the 'email' action 



If you have set up an agent signature it will automatically show up in the body of your email.
NOTE: if your signature contains an image, this may show as an ''attachment'' on the receiving end depending on their email host i.e Gmail, Outlook etc.

  • Make sure you're sending from the correct Agent.
  • You can select email addresses from the drop-down TO menu.
  • If you want to copy someone in, you can put them in the CC/BCC area.
  • Enter the subject
  • If you want to attach a document - click on the ADD FILE icon and select the relevant file. If you wish to preview the attachment, simply click on the file and this will download to your desktop to be previewed.
  • If you wish to discard your email, you will be prompted with a confirmation pop-up.
  • If you wish, you can use the 'Auto Save Draft' feature which will save your email as a draft every 10 seconds. It is important to note, that a draft of your email will still be saved even if you select the discard option

You can then type in your message OR use a pre-defined template.

To use a template, use the drop-down from the template menu and select a document from the list. You can make changes to it in the body of the email.

  • If relevant, select a Diary group.
  • You can set a follow-up date and this will show in your reminders.
  • When finished, click SEND.



New update 10/02/2023

Email: New Contacts option: This release sees a highly requested feature implemented - The return of the highly anticipated Contacts button is here! When composing a new email, you will be able to use the new 'Contacts' button to search for current agents within your database, and then select and insert their email addresses into the To, Cc or Bcc fields. A time saver for those who need to copy their team members into email chains regularly.


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