How to send an Email



You can either to the Diary of the relevant Owner, Property, Tenant or Supplier OR you can use the option called E-Mail from the drop-down list menu.



If you have set up an agent signature it will automatically show up in the body of your email.

  • Make sure you're sending from the correct Agent.
  • You can select email addresses from the drop-down TO menu.
  • If you want to copy someone in, you can put them in the CC/BCC area.
  • Enter in the subject
  • If you want to attach a document - click on the ADD FILE icon and select the relevant file.

You can then type in your message OR use a pre-defined template.

To use a template, use the drop-down from the template menu and select a document from the list. You can make changes to it in the body of the email.

  • If relevant, select a Diary group.
  • You can set a follow-up date and this will show in your reminders.
  • When finished, click SEND.



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