How to set up an Alert

Alerts are icons which appear when you highlight an Owner, Property, Tenant or Creditor. They are handy for really important notes. Below are some examples of their uses.

  • Property: "Owner does own maintenance". This will also pop up when you click on a Property to go do a Work Order.
  • Tenant: "Breakdown of initial payment, letting fee, bond and rent". This will then show when you bring them up to receipt their money (does NOT show if using Import Bank Statement).
  • Creditor: Can list the type of work they do and this will show if you do a Work Order from the Creditor screen.

To add an Alert, click on the relevant Owner, Property or Tenant, select DIARY and click on ALERT.

Type in the details and click SAVE.

Every time you hover over the ALERT ICON on the Owner, Property, Tenant, or Supplier, the alert will appear.


To delete that alert, just open the alert screen again and delete the contents, then SAVE.

NOTE: The alert will only show on the list it was created for.

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