How to attach an Invoice

In the Property Diary area, there is an option called INVOICE DOCUMENT. If you use an external company for scanning documents via the Palace API, scanned invoices will automatically appear here. However, you can add scanned invoices manually.

By attaching your scanned invoices to actual transactions, Owners will get a copy of any supplier invoices that have a matching transaction in the current period when they get their month-end statements.

First, enter your transaction as normal (e.g Invoice - Supplier, or Work Order). Make sure you have scanned your invoices and can access them.


To attach the invoice (scanned file):

  • Go to the Property Diary.
  • Select invoice transaction from the Supplier Invoice drop-down menu.
  • Select the tenancy invoice if required.
  • Click on CHOOSE FILE and upload the scanned invoice.

NOTE: The attached file needs to be a PDF file.



Once attached, the invoice will now print or email out with the Owners statement.

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