How to upload a single External File


You may want to associate a file or document with an Owner, Property or Tenant in Palace. For example, you can scan documents to your computer and then link them through this function. This keeps everything tidy, and in one place. Here are some examples of the documents you can scan and attach.

  • Signed Tenancy Agreements
  • Tenant photos, passports and drivers licences
  • Inspection reports
  • Inspection video files
  • Management authorities
  • Creditor invoices
  • Tenancy applications
  • Bond forms
  • If you save a document into the Owner, Tenant, Creditor or Owner Diary, they are for your records only.

If you save a document into the Property Diary, you can then link it to go out with the Owner statements at month-end and can also select it to upload to the Owner information centre.

Make sure you have scanned the document (if relevant) and saved it to your computer.

Go to the Diary of the relevant Owner, Property, Tenant or Supplier.


  • Enter a description of the attached file.
  • Click on the button called CHOOSE FILE and select and upload the file.
  • If you want this document to go out automatically with the Owner's month-end statement eg. a Supplier Invoice, then you must enter this in a Property Diary (and it must be a PDF attachment). You will then need to select a specific Group eg. STATEMENTS. This same Group name must be used during your month-end run in order for these attachments to be sent.

Click on Save and Close once you have finished.


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