How to process Charges from the Dashboard

Processing Property Charges is the task of moving money from a Property to the relevant ledger.

Once a charge is processed, it will then set up a reminder for the next charge if it is a repetitive charge.

It is mostly used for Inspections and for monthly Admin Charges.

  • Go to the Dashboard.
  • Click on the Property Charges tab.
  • Select the entries that you want to process.


If there are any entries that are under insufficient funds, this means that the Owner does not have money available to cover this charge. You can either manually select them, which will mean the Owner will be put into negative (this will not affect the Trust Account unless you pay out the Ledger) or you can leave them unticked and they will go back into the reminder screen until you can process them.

The Process button, will take the charge and remove the money from the owner and move it to the relevant Ledger and roll over the charge till the next time. 

The Forward Button will not process the charge, it will simply move the charge forward to the next repetitive date. It will not show on the Owner statement.


If the list is empty or not complete, on the top right-hand side click on the 2nd last box and select "All". Do the same for the last box as well. Below is a short clip as an example.


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