Paying a single Owner

Sometimes an Owner may require a payout outside the normal scheduled time. In this case, you would need to do a single Owner Payment transaction.

  • Go to the Financial menu and click on Transactions
  • On the left-hand side, search for (or type) Payment - Owner


Find the Property, or Owner (payment needs to be against a property). There will be a balance showing on the screen unless the owner is on Hold or the Property has a Keep Back amount of more than the Property balance. The default amount is the amount of money the Property is currently holding and the amount you can safely payout to the Owner. You can override it to put in a smaller amount, however, if you type in a larger amount you will be overdrawing the Owner and this could potentially overdraw your Trust Account.

Check all the details are filled in and click Confirm (top right-hand), then click Process.

If the owner was set up for Direct Credit then you will need to create an Online Bank File.

Print the Direct Credit Schedule for your records.

Click on Generate and save the file by clicking download, you can call the file anything, but it is best to give it a name like Owner.CSV

Remember to upload the file to the bank.

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