Paying multiple Owners on the same Property

Occasionally one Property will be owned by two or more Owners and the monthly payment needs to be split between them.

You must enter the first Owner as normal (one main Owner). You will need to add the email addresses of all the Owners and remember to switch Include Alternate Address to YES (found under the Financial tab on the Owner screen).

  • Find the Owner from the Owner list, click on the dropdown menu on the right-hand side choose Bank Account.
  • Enter in all the bank accounts that are needed and save changes.
  • Then go to the Property and click on EDIT.
  • Scroll down till you get to Bank Accounts (bottom left-hand side)


You will then need to click on EDIT (below the Bank Accounts heading)


  • Type the split percentage next to each account name (e.g. 50% means they get 50% of the total net payout.
  • Then click on the next one and do the same. Note: Total must add to 100%
  • When completed click on Save Changes
  • When the Property is paid out, the money will be split according to the percentages set here.


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