How to process Year End statements

At the end of each financial year, some owners will require a Year-End statement.

You can customise the email that is sent to your owners with the attached statements under System > Email Templates > Owner Year-End Statements (do this before you generate your YE statements)

Important Note: Process and complete your EOM roll over as normal before you start this process.


You will see a screen to choose your date range and a few additional options.

  • Make sure the date range is correct for the full financial year that you want.
  • Select whether you need to email statements to owners.
    • If set to no, all will generate as a PDF to print.
    • If set to yes, this will email the statements where owners are set to receive email statements and then give you those that need to be printed as a PDF file.
  • Select whether you need to include letterhead.
  • Summary Only can be chosen if you want to provide the owner with a summary statement where the owner has multiple properties. EG, if an owner has 2 properties, instead of getting a statement for each property, the Summary Only option will add the financial transactions of both properties into a single statement.
  • Add an optional global message to be attached to the body of the statement.

NOTE: Users with data converted from other software systems should choose the Summary Only
option until they have a full year's set of transactions processed in Palace.


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