Latest Release v20.2407.04

Features & Enhancements

Automation Hub: Exclude Vacated Tenants

This release introduces a new tick box called "Exclude Vacated Tenants" in the Action modal of the Automation task workflow. The tick box allows users to specify whether or not to include vacated tenants in an automation task. By default, the tick box is set to NO for existing tasks. When the tick box is checked, Palace will exclude any tenants with a vacate date from the automation task. Changes to this tick box will be recorded in the changelog.

Automation Hub: Entity Exclusion from Automation Task

This release introduces a new feature in Palace that allows users to control who is included or excluded from automation tasks. The feature includes a new field called "Exclude from Automation?" which is added to both the Owner (Options tab, under Split Payment field) and Tenant (Tenancy tab, under Invoice Media field) edit screens. By default, the field is set to NO upon release. When an automation task is triggered, Palace will check if the "Exclude from Automation?" field is set to YES and ignore any entities with this value.

PAL Holidays: Add Guest Name to Guest receipts on PAL Holidays Owner Statement

The Holiday PAL 2 Portrait Owner statement previously displayed the Guest First & Last Name on guest transaction lines. However, we have changed this to display the Guest Name field from the Holiday tab - Guest record. This change is necessary to address issues where the Guest First & Last Name fields were blank, resulting in no guest name information being displayed on the Owner Statements.

PAL Holidays: Remove validation for Guest First & Last name

Validation for the First and Last name fields in a PAL Holiday guest entry has been removed. This is due to issues occurring for our Hostaway integrated customers (these fields are not required in Hostaway).

Inbound Mail: Improvement to Email Inbox - Unknown inbox mapping

The System will now more efficiently process and match inbound emails from unknown senders to ensure they are correctly identified and routed to the appropriate contact within Palace. This will minimize the number of emails that end up in the 'unknown' inbox and improve email management efficiency.

Owner Portal V2: Enhancement to Transactions display

The Version 2 Owner Portal now includes an enhanced Transactions tab that provides additional information to Owners. When Owners log into the Portal, they can view Transaction Types for each transaction and Paid to Dates on Receipt Rent transactions.

Owner Portal V2: Enhancement to Transactions & Diaries tab

Owners who use the Version 2 Owner Portal now have the ability to collapse and expand transactions and diaries in the relevant tabs. This feature is particularly useful for owners with multiple properties.

Merge Field: Tenant - Rent Review Comments

A new merge field named 'Tenant Group Rent Review Comments' is now available for use in custom views and document templates.

PAL Holidays: Receipt Holiday Guest multiple - More line entries added

The Receipt Holiday Guest (Multiple) transaction screen will now have 8 line entries instead of 4, allowing users to enter funds more efficiently. This enhancement will streamline the process for handling multiple transactions for a single guest, saving time for our clients.


What we fixed

Automation Hub: Select Recipient spelling error

We have remedied a spelling error relating to the 'Select Recipient' field in the Add Action function of the Automation Hub.

Automation Hub: Navigation Issue

A navigation issue within the Automation Hub - Action step - has now been resolved. Users will no longer be presented with an error message when selecting the different options available under the 'To' drop-down menu.

Property: Work Order Search - Date Column Bug

The Work Order Search function was displaying an error when an attempt was made to sort on the 'Scheduled' column. This has now been rectified, and the 'Scheduled' column can be sorted in chronological order as expected.

Reports: Spelling Error in Tenancy Receipts Email and Change Log Record

A spelling error has been rectified in the Tenancy Receipts email, which also extended to the Change log record.

Global Search: Supplier & Agency Search not supported + Error for specific navigation

The Global Search function has been updated to include Suppliers and Agencies (Social Housing). We have also fixed the error displayed when attempting to navigate to the Dashboard from within the Search.

Social Housing NZ: Market Rent - Edit of latest line populating end date & formatting issues

A quick update to the Market Rent table to fix an issue that saw Market Rent line entries populating an End Date incorrectly. Additionally, we have applied some formatting fixes to the Add Market Rent window.

Tenants: Effective Paid-to-Date Discrepancy

We have applied a fix to the rounding calculations used for the 'Effective Paid To Date' displayed on the Tenant Financial Detail Summary (navigated to by selecting the 'Rent Owing' or 'Invoices Owing' amount on the main Tenant list). This date will now match the Effective Paid To Date displayed on the Tenant Details Report as expected.

Supplier: Expense type issue for pending Invoices

Previously, when an invoice went through the Document Flow process with a manually changed Related Expense type and later went on to fail strict audit to become a Pending Invoice, the manually set Expense value was not being retained and reverted back to the default. This fix sees the manually changed Related Expense type persist through the whole process as expected.

Bank Import: Unprocessed Rent Receipt Re-appears After Bank Import Process

An issue was identified where an already processed receipt line was being displayed again after importing a banking file, matching, and processing. This had the potential to cause duplicate transactions to be processed. The issue stemmed from a problem with the match code update in the bank import when the 'amount' was included in one of the reference columns. We have now rectified this issue to ensure that already processed lines will not reappear when re-importing a bank file.

Transactions: Bond Payment Issues Resolution and Handling Large Bond Forms

This release aims to address two key issues related to bond payments in Palace. The first issue involves PDF encryption complexities that prevent bond forms and remittances from generating and sending emails. To resolve this, the system will validate uploaded PDF documents when either attaching to the Receipt Bond transaction or via the Diary while notifying the user accordingly. The second issue relates to bond lodgement forms exceeding email attachment size limits. To handle this, bond forms will be merged into batches of approximately 19MB, with the master file size checked before each merge. Emails will be sent when the master file approaches its limit, and failed merges will be logged and notified to the user.

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