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About the income tab

Current and historical income details must be captured against a person's record to determine eligibility, calculate rent, and perform statutory reporting. At present, a user enters this income manually, but future development will support the import of income.

Add person income

Once you have added a person profile you can enter their income information.

  • Go to People > Current people
  • Search for the person
  • Either
    • Click the Edit button on the right of the person or
    • Click the person's name to open their profile
  • Select the Income tab
  • Turn auto-fill to ON

Income header

  • Click Add New


The data shown in the Income Header area is captured in the overview area when the person record was created. Some information cannot be adjusted in this screen; however, changes can be made to editable fields as required.

  • Status - This defaults to draft - Click on the drop-down arrow next to make your selection. An income record can have several statuses:
    • Draft - the initial state when it is first created. In this state, the income record is still editable
    • Cancelled - perhaps started in error, or the person failed to provide additional information. In the cancelled state, the income record is read-only, and no further changes can be made
    • Finalized - once all income has been gathered, the Income Record can be set to Finalized. The income record is read-only, and no further changes can be made


  • Income Matrix - Click on the drop-down arrow to select an income matrix

Note: If the person belongs to a current tenancy, the matrix is set based on the program of the tenanted property and made read-only. If the person does not belong to the current tenancy, the list will be selectable.

  • Proof of Income - Click on the drop-down arrow next to make your selection
  • Centrelink Confirmation Date - Enter a date
  • Remote Income Support? - Toggle YES or NO
  • Has Partner? - Toggle YES or NO
  • Paid at Single Rate? - Toggle YES or NO
  • Youth Independent rate? - Toggle YES or NO
  • Attachments - Add files
  • Number of Children Assessed - Enter a number

Note: Based on the number of children assessed, sub-fields will be displayed below, with the number of fields equaling the number of children. These fields capture the percentage of care for dependent children as of the confirmation date.

  • Click Save

Income details table

  • Click the pencil icon to edit the person's income details section
  • Click Add Income Details


  • Category - Click the drop-down and make your selection. Depending on your selection, some tabs will automatically populate

Note: Items that are available for selection in the Type and Component fields are a result of configured list defaults. These are user-defined fields. These can be found under System > List defaults. Click the drop-down and browse for Social Housing - Income. Here you will find several options to enable or disable from selection.

  • Type - Click the drop-down and make your selection
  • Component - Click the drop-down and make your selection
  • Frequency - Click the drop-down and make your selection. Selection options are also found in the list defaults area. (Social Housing - Income - Frequency Code Description)
  • Amount - Enter an amount

Note: When a value is entered in the Amount box, it will automatically update the Amount in AUD section. This only applies if the currency is set to AUD. Otherwise, the Amount in AUD field will be 0 and editable.

  • Currency - Click the drop-down and make your selection. Selection options are also found in the list defaults area (Social Housing - Income - Currency Codes)
  • Max Entitlement - Enter an amount

Note: The max entitlement field will only be visible when you have the Centrelink benefit selected. Then, you can populate the weekly amount field as read-only.

  • Weekly Amount - A read-only field that incorporates frequency and the Amount in AUD fields, and it gives you a weekly amount
  • Weekly Assessable Amount - A read-only field. Displays a person's weekly assessable income
  • Component Type - A read-only field that will look up the income matrix that's linked to this person. Only applicable if the Centrelink Benefit category is selected
  • Comments - Enter comments if required
  • Click Save

The screen will refresh where the entered information will appear in the income details table.

  • Click Save, and the table on the previous page will refresh with the information that has been entered
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