Add a person profile for social housing providers (AUS)


As a user of Palace for social housing in Australia, you must enter data for each person in a tenancy for statutory reporting. Each person will have a single-person record that can be linked to multiple tenant records, such as a head tenant, additional tenant, or occupant.

This article will cover:

This is the minimum information required to add a person profile. You may wish to add additional information later to manage a tenant profile (link later).

Add a person

Add a person from the main menu

  • Go to People > Add person
  • The add new person edit screen will appear


Contact Details

  • Turn auto-fill to ON
  • Add the person's title
  • Add the person's first name
  • Add the person's last name
  • Add the tenant's contact numbers
    • Mobile - Only one number can be entered, and it must be numbers only
  • Add the person's email address
  • Add the person's gender
  • Add the person's date of birth - Age will be automatically calculated
  • Is a Tenant - Select YES or NO from the drop-down - If the relationship to the head tenant is set to Head Tenant, this field is automatically set to YES and is read-only
  • Relationship to Head Tenant - Select the appropriate option from the drop-down
  • Statistical Linkage Key (SLK) - This is automatically populated and read-only. Based on the Person's Family name, Given Name, D.O.B and Gender
  • Status - Select the appropriate option:
    • Status will automatically default to active on Add New Person, but can be changed
    • Active - Appears in the current people list
    • Inactive - Appears in the inactive people list

Centrelink Details

  • CRN - Add the person's CRN (Customer Reference Number) - CRN is unique and can only be used on one person record
  • Electronic Verification of Rent Consent - Enter a date
  • Centrepay Deduction Amendment Consent - Enter a date
  • Income Confirmation Service Consent - Enter a date


  • When done, click More > Save & view


The Activity timeline area captures key events such as application conversion to tenancy, move-in, and move-out dates. Hyperlinks are generated and clickable, directing you to the relevant entity for more details.


What's next?

You can add a person's income information to capture current and historical income details against a person's record to determine eligibility, calculate rent, and perform statutory reporting.

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